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Course: How can I become high rating freelancer on upwork

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Course: How can I become high rating freelancer on upwork

Sheikh Naveed
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This course is for guys looking to improve their business on upwork.

If you are working on upwork and having difficulties in making clients. This course will help you a lot.

I have more than 6 years of experience on upwork and become a millionaire using this platform only.

In this time I got some major clients like HCI department of Stanford University.


'The course is very informative and the tutor is speaking from practical experience'

Adeyinka Daniel Gbotemi

Very good understanding of the platform.

Saif ur Rehman

The instructor is superb except that some part was taught in Hindu and some other unknown language. The ones in English were great. Thank you.

Nwobodo Afamefuna Gideon

Excellent introduction to

Muhammad Mazhar

The tutor is good at explaining

Bolawa Oluyinka Isaac

I have learned so many new thing.

Modabbir Hossain Midul

It would really help you understand upwork more and how to apply.

Precious Margarett Anne Perez

Nicely explained with confidence.


Complete and concise

Jawad Gul

I really liked this course - it was short, useful and to the point

Mohammad Kamrul Islam

Very useful information for newbies

Asra Shoaib

This course is very useful


Great content!

Beverly R.

Good to start with as a starter freelancer.

Amit Lahiri

The knowledge and expertise are there.

Donna Lynn Mananguite

It's exactly what have been looking for to grow my skills on upwork. The Author did a great job and I'm grateful

Victor O. Awotidebe

Thanks for the videos for sharing your real experience. . . .


very well thought out delivery. i can tell he spent time trying to express how important it is to make your upwork profile shine. I enjoyed the fact he explained about the importance of a cover letter, how to tailor make it for each client.

Daniel McConnell

Have learned a lot!

Danilo Barrera

Amazing INFO

Waheed Ahmed

A good short course. :)

Muhammad Faheem Akhtar

This Course is good reference for any freelancer

Mohamed Fouad Mohamed

Naveed provided excellent tips on how to get set up on upwork. I highly recommend this class.

Jaci Covington

the instructor was very knowledgeable about the course

Andrea Revilla

Very good Course. Has shown insights of the course.

Milind Ramesh Mahadik

Overall Great Learning Experience

Prof Amey J. Shenvi Khandeparkar

For beginer is simple explanation

Jenri Togalian Sihite

This is a very great course there.I have enjoyed this and learn a lot from this.Thanks to this instructor for his best effort to make this course.

Md Iqbal Hossain

good short course regarding upwork optimisation

Omid irani

Hi naveed, thank you for teaching about upwork.


Great course. A lot of very good advice. Thank you.

Bobbie Smith

this is very informative course and I learned lots of advance skills to improve my up-work profile and get the work easily. Thank you Naveed Sheikh for sharing your experience.

Muhammad Shahid

I loved the course due to its short length and direct to the point concept. Moreover, the instructor is highly experienced. Perhaps he should publish another course for newbies.

Muhammad Abdullah

Learned what was needed.

Calvin Jones

The topic and tips was clear and it helped my land my first gig in Upwork. Thank you!

Tere Jimenez

Great overall info!

Ruth Eliza

Very informative course!


Thanks for sharing these tips! Will certainly apply these.

Charisse Angelica D Samonte

Short and good delivery. Straight to the key points.

Ademola Adeosun

Best upwork course i have seen so far on UDEMY. SO detailed

Fabinu Ibidapo

He talks the basics of freelancing..... but at the later part of the course is what interests me. What the client sees when you send proposal. No I learned the first 2 sentences should be direct.

Vincent Leo Valdez

he explains the lessons very well, and I acquired some knowledge on how to make a great cover letter.

Sonny Tano

Great course and great teacer

Kazim Hussain

Great Upwork course!

Matt F.

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Video Course

The instructor is superb except that some part was taught in Hindu and some other unknown language. The ones in English were great. Thank you.
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